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Nutritional Consulting Packages for Adults


Initial Consultation

The first appointment is in person and typically 60-90 minutes. The client then receives a personalized diet program written in detail. In addition, the client may be given some recommendations regarding blood work they can request from their doctor. $150

 Once a client has completed a first consultation they may want to have weekly or monthly follow-ups. This can be helpful in staying committed to new lifestyle and diet goals. 

Follow-up by phone or in person one hour.  $75

Get Fit Package

A one-month commitment required and paid prior to start date.

$150 a week in studio or $200 a week in your home.

Meet once a week for a 60-minute Pilates session. Which is followed by a 30-minute nutritional counseling session to help you stay on track. 

Holistic Health for Children

The first step is a consultation with a parent to discuss concerns and to review the child’s health history, diet and lifestyle.  The first appointment is typically 60-90 minutes. $150

The second step is a home visit to observe child in their environment. $150

Once the initial consultation with the parent and the home visit has been completed, the parent will receive a personalized health program for the child.

This report will include recommendations for diet, creative play and artistic endeavors to help your child thrive.

Follow-up by phone or in person is $75

Follow up home visits $100