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Holistic Health

Your body wants to heal, have abundant energy and radiant health.  By using Holistic Health practices, Dylan can help you restore balance and vitality in your body. 

Dylan’s training and experience includes Nutrition, Herbs, Iridology, and Muscle -Testing and Bach Flower remedies, Pilates and Meditation.

A holistic approach can give you support while treating an illness, creating a weight loss program, or rebalancing systems to have longer lasting energy.

Adult Holistic Health Session

I will go over your health history. Then we will take a close look together at your current diet and lifestyle. I will also examine your tongue, nails and test your PH level. This session will take 60-90 minutes.  I will then write up a personalized health plan for you to follow. These reports are tailor made just for you.  They are very detailed and take several days after your consultation to complete. Once completed it is e-mailed to you.

Clients who I have served, have lost weight, balanced hormones, reduced or no longer need thyroid medication, reduced anxiety, have increased fertility and decreased PMS syndrome. In addition, I have helped clients rid themselves of parasites and candida.

Child Holistic Health Consultation

Dylan combines her years of knowledge with holistic health nutrition and her Waldorf teacher’s background.  With a Waldorf approach, I look at the child as a developing human and spiritual being.  Recommendations may not be limited to just nutrition but also combined with artistic and creative endeavors to enhance your child’s physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Children who are anxious, sensitive to light, sound and touch, can be soothed by a holistic health approach. Other children simply need more creative play in our smart-phone world. Through holistic health I can help guide you and your family to create a more balanced environment so your child may thrive.

Holistic Health does not replace your doctor’s treatment

Holistic Health does not seek to replace western medicine or that of a doctor’s treatment. It is meant to compliment and support your unique system.  Doctors have sometimes found patients to no longer need certain medications, when the patient/client have made these holistic health changes.